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*Sweet-and-sour taste of candied pineapple cores

Sweet-and-sour taste of candied pineapple cores In 1902, the first pineapple processing plant of Taiwan was set up by the Japanese in Fongshan, unveiling the beginning of the pineapple canning industry in Taiwan. In the following year, as Taiwan’s pineapple won a prize at the Expo for Industrial Development in Osaka, Taiwan’s pineapple became known to the Japanese market and the export activities of the canning industry blossomed. The earliest canned pineapples were only peeled and sliced. Later on, when new plants were built with the introduction of new processing technology and overall automation, a mass canning process began and pineapples were peeled, sliced, and cored. The cores were candied as bi-products. During that period of time when life was difficult, the candied pineapple cores were perfect snacks for children


*Before the 1980s, the pineapple canning industry in Taiwan was very successful with a huge export volume each year, but exports gradually declined after the 1980s due to economic transformation and international competition.


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