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Hero versus Beauty
   Around the 1970s, the TV manufacturing industry in Taiwan launched an exciting competition. Sampo Corporation was the first company to ignite the war by introducing its new TV, “Napoleon,” followed by Tatung’s “Venus” model. Thus, a “hero versus b...
Treasure or Toxic?
   Did you know that the rolling tires on an asphalt road have to do with stockings used by modern women? Cleaning agent for toilets has a similar composition to cosmetic products? Their common feature is – Petrochemical Industry. The raw material for ...
Renewing the Ancient Taste
     The taste of traditional pastries is a precious memory to many people in Taiwan. Generations ago, when poverty was the constant reality, a small piece of cake was so rare that it would be divided up for the entire family to share. In Taiwan,...
Port-Side Ship Breaking Stories
   The older generation in Kaohsiung knows that the ship breaking industry had flourished in the post-war era (1950s to 70s). And as the forerunner of Taiwan’s steel industry, it had led to the development of the famous “Hardware Street”, Kaohsiung’s G...
The Start of Taiwan’s IC Industry
   On the cold morning of February 7, 1974, an unusual breakfast gathering took place in a Chinese breakfast shop called “Siao-Xin-Xin Soy Milk Shop” in Taipei. At the round table were Sun Yun-suan (Minister of Economic Affairs), Gao Yu-shu...
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