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*Magic food: ready-to-eat in three minutes

Magic food: ready-to-eat in three minutes Soak in boiling water for just a few minutes and enjoy a fast meal any place and any time. The magic of instant noodles comes from the “starch gelatinization” effect derived from the steaming and boiling steps of the manufacturing process. Fast dehydration produces a lot of pores on the noodle strings that can absorb water fast when the noodles are soaked in hot water and thus the texture of the noodles can be maintained. With the popularity of instant noodles, a host of varieties and flavors are marketed to cater to different tastes. Instant noodles have not only enriched our food experience but also become a staple category among fast foods.


*Starch gelatinization refers to the process of breaking down the intermolecular bonds of the starch molecules which expand in the presence of water. The process allows the starch food to have a softer texture and be more easily digested by the human body.
*Momofuku Ando, the inventor of instant noodles, was born Wu Bai-fu to a Taiwanese family. At age 22, he became a Japanese citizen and changed his surname to Ando. He established Nissin Food Products Company and adopted as his motto: “Enough food then World peace”, hoping that the entire human race could have enough food so that the world can be a peaceful place.
*“The Magical Three Minute” exhibition at National Science and Technology Museum in 2008.


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