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(1/2)RCA Am/Fm Radio
RCA Am/Fm Radio
RCA Am/Fm Radio
Columbia all transistor taperecorder  
TTV Weekly, Vol. 442 (Cover: Yang Li-Hua)  
National Panasonic Radio cassette recorder 548  
Shibaura Engineering Electronic Fan  
RCA Am/Fm Radio ABOUT >>
Size: 25 x 10 x 10 cm
Producer / Author: Radio Corporation of America, RCA 
Source: Museum Collection 

In the 1970s, RCA established factories in Taiwan to assemble household appliances such as the radio and television, and then exported them to other countries. The radio showcased here was assembled in Taiwan and exported to Indiana, USA. Unlike most Japanese manufacturers in Taiwan, RCA manufactured the appliances in Taiwan, which made Taiwan an early part of the international division of labor.

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