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Three sacred treasures of modern life During the post-war recovery period in the 1950s, black-and-white TVs, washing machines, and refrigerators were dubbed the “three treasures” in Japan, showing the close link between home appliances and everyday life. In the mid-1960s when the economy grew fast, the “three treasures” then referred to color TV, window-type air conditioners, and automobiles. Former prime minister of Japan, Junichiro Koizumi called dishwashers, flat TVs, and camera mobile phones the “new three treasures” in his keynote speech in 2003. As time and the overall economic environment changed in each different period, different home appliances played a key role in people’s lives and served as authentic evidence of modern living developments.


*The Imperial Regalia of Japan (also known as the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan) refers to the mirror Yata no kagami, sword Kusanagi, and the jewel Yasakani no magatama.


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